Locksmith in Panama City, FL

Need to get your car keys made? Need a lock installed or unlocked, and don't know where you should go in Panama City, FL for the best service around. Look no further than Discount Locksmith inc! We offer residential locksmith services as well as commercial ones so all of our customers can find what they need with one easy phone call. We can help you with all your locksmith needs! From rekeying, changing or replacing the lock on any door in Panama City, FL. Our team is quick and friendly - they'll come right to where their services are needed most (which means no more driving around town looking for places open late).

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Residential locksmith

Locksmith unscrewing lock with tool

When you’re feeling unsafe in your own home, it can be hard to know what the best course of action is. Do I need locks changed immediately or should we wait until another time? Should my car keys also come with us when we go out so they don’t get left behind at some point after all this trouble started…the list goes on and becomes more complicated by every second that passes without resolution! But there’s no need anymore because Discount Locksmith inc has arrived as a solution for people who’ve been lockout victims from their homes due broken/impossible lock situations caused either through negligence (high risk)or commission.

Commercial locksmith

Locksmith opening commercial door with tools
Need help finding the best commercial locks for your business? Our expert mobile technicians are here to assist you. No matter what type of handle or lock system is needed, we have got it covered! Our knowledgeable team can provide guidance on which security measures will be most effective in order protect not just equipment but also customers’ belongings from theft while they’re inside our facilities during exhibitions and conferences alike . With so many different options available today—from deadbolts all way down dispatching smart keys at convenience via app unlock capabilities-it’s easy enough choosing an option that meets both needs

Car locksmith

Two identical car keys
When you are in need of an auto locksmith service for your car, chances are that it’s due to being locked out or having lost keys. Our automotive technicians work around the clock and take pride on offering quality care with competitive prices so all customers can get back up & running quickly without breaking any finances! We are the best in town when you need a car key made or an auto locksmith service. Our team is always on call to help with your needs, and we offer competitive prices that can’t be beat!


Locksmith  holds lock cylinder

We want to be your one-stop shop for all of the locks and keys that you need. We offer a variety, from modern replacements like cylinder core positions or warded key systems as well as vintage Reproduction Keys types in case old world charm is what’s desired!
It doesn’t matter if it’s Homeownership restoration project – our team has got this covered with high quality components at competitive prices while still meeting customer expectations on time delivery too. Discount Locksmith has everything you need to secure your home and business. Whether it’s a simple lock installation or high-tech systems, we havelocks that will suit any application!


Many blank keys hanging on a wall

We at Bay County Locksmiths have you covered for all your key needs. From rekeying and cutting keys to replacements, we can handle it! A large variety awaits when coming in contact here; whether looking into getting just one lock fixed but ending up needing more work done then they first thought like installing new locks altogether our team will always give fast response times so there’s never any stress involved whatsoever because whatever arises seems doable. Our Panama City locksmiths have you covered for rekeying and key cutting services for your home, business, and vehicle. We have a large selection of simple metal keys, plastic head keys, transponder keys, and most electronic keys.


Locksmith using key combination on safe

Safes have been used for thousands of years throughout the world as a way to keep our most valuable items safe. Today’s safes and vaults are more technologically advanced than ever before, making them nearly impossible for thieves crack! Discount Locksmith inc has the experience and knowledge to help you with any safe-related issues.
If your old one is giving out on duty, needs maintenance or installation of a new model – they are here for all those requirements!

Car Jump Start Service

If you live in the Panama City area and need a jumpstart, Discount Locksmith inc can help. We offer efficient service with as little frustration possible so that your day doesn’t suffer because of an inconvenient situation like this one!

Out of Gas Service

We’re always there for you when your car breaks down. Our technicians will help deliver several gallons of gas and get the job done, so that all we need from you is a little patience while they work their magic!

Mobile Tire Change

A person changing tire
Need a quick tire change? We’re the team for you. We come to you and we’ll take care of everything from plugging your spare in place, if needed; or selling you one do-nut new again when all else fails!